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This Blog was created specifically for the Saturn in Scorpio transit which began October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014; and then finishes up its transit from June 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015. This transit has been a challenge on both a collective and personal level, as the energies of the planet Saturn and the sign Scorpio are notoriously difficult and demanding. "Knowledge is Power", and this site seeks to educate and provide practical ideas and tools on how to best work within and navigate the current planetary paradigm of Saturn in Scorpio. More than anything, this transit is characterized by the evolutionary impulse of the collective and individual towards transformation, ideally leading to a "leap" in consciousness... the upwards progression of humanity or its "Ascent" to a higher, more enlightened potential.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Positive Side of Saturn in Scorpio...Yes, There is One!

Believe it or not, there is a positive side to all this Saturn in Scorpio!    Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but Saturn loves us just as much as Jupiter, and he really does want the best for us.  He teaches us things like, patience, determination, hard work, practicality, perseverance,  achievement and strength.  Nose to the grind stone!  Saturn helps us to develop maturity leading to our greatest potential and growth.  Sounds all good,  right?!  YES!  With Saturn traveling Scorpio, the more you become a master in the art of healing your "shadow stuff" (Scorpio) the more Saturn will back off and the more you will be rewarded for your efforts.  That's how Saturn works.  Love Saturn and he will Love you back!  Hard work is your get out of jail free card.

With Saturn on the scene, we become initiated into "Task-Mastery" of a certain subject or in a certain area of life expressed by the sign this planet is transiting at the time.  With Saturn taking up in Scorpio, we learn to become skilled surgeons and psychiatrists, uncovering and excising things that are cancerous to our organism...that threaten our survival and our EMPOWERMENT'.  These "things" can run the gamut and include people, jobs, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, patterns, choices... whatever robs you of your "Life Force", Energy, and  Power.  These things may have "flown" undetected under your conscious radar in the past, but once this transit hits, you can be SURE that its time to face reality and "Run the Gauntlet".  This transit wakes you up from your unconscious slumber REAL quick, because now it feels as if its life or death, and in a way it is!  But back to the positive...

When you stay with the TASK at hand and devote time and energy into cutting loose the things that weigh you down and that create disasters and dramas, you take one step closer to your very own freedom and liberation.  Think about that!  Visualize how that feels inside...to know that you have a choice to "live free or die" as the saying goes.  This saying implies choice and personal responsibility (Saturn's forte).You have the opportunity to finally walk out from behind those self imposed prison bars!  That visual alone can create an amazing sense of power, and this transit is all about reclaiming our power. I think the rewards of doing this "Great Work" is well worth the blood, sweat and tears!  Google The Hero's Journey to get a better idea of the work you're doing, or should be doing.

Now for more good news.  Saturn has a few helpers for his task at hand, and that means you do too! 

Neptune, the planet of Surrender, Transcendence, Spiritual Wisdom and Guidance, and most importantly Healing is in a trine aspect to Task Master Saturn.  This trine imparts blessings and protection, so we become gifted with grace as we do our dirty work.  While we journey to the underworld to deal with our demons,  the Universe flips a switch and the light becomes our guide.  We retain our hope, trust and faith (Neptune) as we "die" to the old things in our lives and say our sad (or happy) goodbyes.  This grace may come thru a person, God, a book, a gesture, or from within, but our "Angels" will be right there with us.

At times during this transit, Chiron will also be in Pisces trining Saturn.  Chiron has the signature of the "wounded healer"  and is associated with alternative healing modalities to "deal" with the wound.  Chiron brings several healing gifts to the Saturn in Scorpio issues, such as acupuncture, chiropractic(Chiro-n), flower essences, homeopathy, energy healing, cranio-sacral therapy, herbalism, and other alternative healing modalities.  These are the healing balms for our wounded souls... take your pick.

More good news.... in July, Jupiter will enter Cancer (the sign of its exaltation), and a Grand Trine will start to form with Saturn, Neptune and later with Chiron.  Perfect cosmic set-up!  This Grand Trine will form in the Water element, which focuses on emotional adeptness.  This special Trine in Astrology is a configuration that imparts a gift or blessing so to speak, and we all may be gifted with emotional healing, as the planets swim in Water.  This will most definitely come in handy during the death/rebirth occurring with Saturn in Scorpio.  Jupiter brings joy, positivity and hope, and harmonizes very well with Neptune in Pisces.  It brings success, inspiration and luck to all of the hard work we are putting into our healing process.  The sign Cancer is our "roots", our past,  inherited tendencies (for Good or Ill), our early childhood, and our unconscious instinctive reactions to things.  With Jupiter moving in this sign and making supportive contacts to Saturn and Neptune, we will be better able to understand and heal our past.  The element of Water is very cleansing and has traditionally symbolized baptism and re-birth or being born again.  July 9th thru the 27th the 3 planets line up and complete the Grand Trine Formation, and initiates what I believe to be our collective and individual baptism.  This is the magical window of opportunity for the healing and transformation of humanity.  

Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally!!), Mary Magdalene's Feast Day is celebrated on July 22nd, right in the midst of the Grand Trine Formation.  Thinking about Mary Magdalene, this biblical passage comes to mind: "Mary, who is called Magdalen" is said to have had seven devils cast out of her and to be travelling with Jesus and the Apostles (Luke 8:1-2).  I do NOT take the bible literally and to me, this verse simply describes Mary's personal Saturn in Scorpio Journey of Transformation. Her unconscious self undoing behaviors and destructive life choices  (represented by the 7 devils) were left behind to be replaced by new Life.  Luckily for her, she had the healing presence and mentorship of Jesus and his adepts as her guiding light, just as we will be guided on our journey.  This special day, occurring alongside the Grand Water Trine is such a major Cosmic Blessing....simply amazing!  I am astounded by the symbolic meaning of these parallel occurrences.

So don't despair!  Saturn in Scorpio really does have an upside! 

Many blessings on your Journey...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saturn in Scorpio and Alchemy

I was recently thinking about my favorite quote "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" and it got me thinking about alchemy (keeping in line with my Scorpio Moon). When the caterpillar is transformed into the butterfly within the chrysalis, it goes thru a sort of alchemy. In short, alchemy is the process of turning base metal into gold. The caterpillar is a worm-like creature that crawls on the ground, which could represent the lower or more base aspects of things. The butterfly on the other hand, rises above ground soaring freely in the air, which could represent the higher more exalted nature of things. To get from the base aspects to the higher form of the butterfly, the caterpillar is essentially transfigured. Its body and immune system breaks down into mush. It is wiped out, becomes no-thing...basically unidentifiable, only to emerge into the beauty of the butterfly. This can be likened to the Blackening phase in alchemy, which is like a death or a "dying-off" of the old (habits, behaviors, structures, thoughts, ego). The emergence of the butterfly can be compared to the White phase in alchemy, like an upliftment of the soul. This all sounds very "Scorpionic", wouldn't you say.

Isn't this what we are all going thru right now with Saturn transiting Scorpio?  Are we not all being transfigured or "alchemized" in one way or another? Whether we are conscious of this or not, the fact is IT'S HAPPENING, slowly but surely. Saturn/Scorpio is the catalyst of our transformation, the deepest and most soulful kind.  We are all being turned inside out in some way, some much more than others (folks with planets early in the fixed signs). And its hard, because fixed signs don't want to budge, so its like we're doing it kicking and screaming all the way.... but "doing it" we are!  Surrendering to YOUR higher will and going with the flow is they way to ride the current wave of transformational energies.  Let go of what is no longer serving your highest good, or Saturn will rip it away. This planet traveling in Scorpio doesn't care about your comfort zone and attachments (created from a wounded past), it cares about setting your life on the highest and healthiest path. Its house cleaning time via Saturn in Scorpio in order to make room for the NEW that wants to be birthed from the Uranus/Pluto Square.  So,  in order to proceed with new beginnings, we have to clean house first and get rid of the old garbage (Saturn in Scorpio),  one step in the alchemical process.

This all feels like a massive personal and collective existential crises. I think that is undeniable at this time in our history. We are a "soul-sick nation", as astrologer Jessica Murray puts it, in need of much soul searching in order to heal our collective madness. To heal, we have to purge the old, become transfigured like the caterpillar, and emerge in our newness, rising above the lower aspects of ourselves, personally and collectively. This is alchemy, and our time of transformation is at hand, via Saturn in Scorpio, along with Uranus square Pluto.  Its the "Great Work" and we are the "Great Ones" chosen to do it.  So when you're down and out, and feel like you've had enough, take a deep breath, give yourself a hug and remember:

 "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly".

Scorpio Musings

**This is a post from an old blog (Scorpio Musings) written several years ago.  The material pertains very much to understanding the dynamics of Scorpio, the sign currently being transited by Saturn.  We must learn much about this sign with the Saturn transit, and do the Work we are all being called to do. hope this helps!  Enjoy the read....

I figured since I have a Scorpio moon being squared by transiting Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, my venus and the progressed sun in the 8th house being electrified by Uranus, along with my progressed moon traveling (grudgingly) through the 8th house (yikes!), I am thoroughly qualified to share some insights about this deep and mysterious fellow of the zodiac.

Scorpio usually gets a bad rap...and somtimes rightfully so. Scorpios can be obsessive, cunning, resentful, manipulative, grudge-holding, over-sexed, intense, controlling and downright nasty. That is the un-evolved side of scorpio. All to often we forget about the higher side of this sign; passionate, analytical, deep, spiritual, compassionate, loyal, transformative, strong, intuitive, magnetic and deeply loving. Many born under this influence are gifted healers, on all levels.

If anyone has nine lives, its a scorpio. These people have a knack for plunging the depths of the human condition, swimming through the emotional morass of suffering and emerging from it totally and completely transformed, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is the evolutionary intent for those with scorpio or pluto strongly emphasized in their birth charts. The more evolved ones usually end up emerging victorious from situations that could easily kill weaker souls, and what doesn't kill a scorpio really does make them that much stronger.

Within the field of psychology, it is understood that human behavior is motivated by deeply hidden unconscious material, and with scorpio this material revolves around rejection and abandonment issues in the early life or past lives. That is why scorpios SOMETIMES act as they do...not to be bastards, but because the deep woundings of the past simmer just below the surface, and they are afraid to feel the pain yet again. Thus, scorpios will isolate themselves, seduce, cut people off, act cold, try and control people or situations, manipulate, cling to tightly, etc, etc. They only have one thing in mind and that is to keep the pain from rejection, loss, and abandonment at arms length, in fact their whole lives are about "dodging" this potential pain. Ironically, they always attract these types of situations, and the reason is to purge the toxic emotions from the past and to be re-born a new person...stronger...evolved...higher.

The astrological symbol for scorpio, with its arrow pointing upwards and out, symbolizes penetration. Scorpios have a yearning to penetrate the depths of everything, including the subconscious self, and this is part of the destiny and purpose. Not for the sake of it, but to gain a deeper awareness of the self and its wounds, and to transform itself from wounding experiences. That gut wrenching love relationship where we have been abandoned once again, or any other loss for that matter, allows for a total and complete release of all the emotional states that come with the abandonment - the tears, and rage, the fears, the resentment, etc. Through this experience, we are likely to question why we have allowed another person to make us to feel this way? We have put so much emphasis and importance onto this person that when they are gone, we fall apart. The resolution to this is to look towards the opposite polarity. The opposite polarity of scorpio is taurus, and taurus asks us to be self-sufficient, to find our self-worth and to rely on our own inner resources (like self-love). When we integrate the taurus polarity into our being, we strike a balance to all the scorpio merging with others unhealthfully.

Taurus helps a scorpio to learn about self-containment, self-love and self worth. It wants us to build up our inner reserves and resources first, and then merge with another human being healthfully and in a balanced way. Scorpio and the 8th house (when operating on a higher plane) rules true spiritual partnerships, very deep and intense, where 2 souls come together, each separate, yet whole within themselves and combine their powers to create something magnificent and powerful together. This can only happen after much deep psychological house cleaning is undertaken. Furthermore, this polarity is not just about relationships and loss of loved ones, but also has to do with money, resources and physical assets, both ours and others. Here is where we learn to balance supporting ourselves and allowing others to support us, monetarily and emotionally.

This is a deeply complex sign of the zodiac that needs a greater depth of understanding. Once we begin to understand its purpose and evolutionary intent, we can start to heal the wounds of the past and build something new within us, a solid sense of self and strength that we can share with others. So lets go easy on our fellow scorpios...they are only looking for love and to belong. Isn't that what were all in search of after all....

Attention Scorpios: Need Some Zen...Find Your Inner Bull

What can Taurus teach us about being in the present, resting in the peace and contentment of our inner core? Plenty!! Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) was born under the full moon in Taurus, the sign of the Bull. Buddha, like Jesus, taught us how to "be in the world and not of it", with all of its drama, attachments, cravings, sufferings, etc. Zen is the feeling we catch every now and again within this human condition. Its being in the zone, completely connected to the present moment and immersed in the contentment and joy it brings, alongside all the insanity.

In astrology, the 2nd/8th house polarity partly relates to the transmutation of human drama and the shadow self (8) through establishing a meditative grounded presence within the body, and engaging fully with life (2). The sign of Taurus can teach us how to find contentment and peace of mind by practicing awareness and forgiveness of the egoic self and all of its toxic baggage, which takes us away from our true self, everlasting Spirit. Taurus shows us how to relax in the abundance of the earth, and life itself, which is a true miracle. In fact, just being alive is a miracle. This sign is all about sensation and coming alive through awareness and contact with all of our senses; touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. The taste of a juicy peach, the feel of silk on your skin, the smell of cookies baking, gazing at a beautiful sunset....these are the gifts of Taurean energy. The Bull's motto is; Living simply and Simply Living.

We must learn how to carry our wounded and dramatic ego in our awareness, yet detach from it, and calmly bring our focus to our bodily sensations and our engagement with life in the present moment. This promotes peace of mind and healing, because you are engaging with your core self, beyond the wounds, drama and endless mental chatter. You know the Scorpio polarity has become activated when you attach to drama, turmoil, pain and suffering, and continue to magnify it. Scorpions can and sometimes do end up stinging themselves in the end, due to their unwillingness to let go and forgive. Yes, this happens to all of us here on Earth, there is no escaping it. Luckily we have the opposite sign of Taurus to teach us how to gently move from Earth drama to peace and calm...to catch a little ZEN...

Good reads on the subject: Books by Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhardt Tolle and Jon Kabat-Zinn

The April 2013 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: A Pit Stop in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

The starry heavens will be presenting to us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio on April 25th.  Is it just me, or does it seem like 1 thing after another...the skies are always filled with drama.  We just came off of a very difficult Mercury retrograde period in Pisces (Mercury isn't good in Pisces as it is), and a very tense square involving Uranus, Sun, Mars, Venus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn.   Before we have a chance to catch our breath, in comes the Eclipse.... and its in Scorpio....conjunct Saturn.... opposing Mars, Venus and of course the Sun in Taurus.  In and of itself the Full Moon can be a handful, but its a LUNAR ECLIPSE and eclipses in their own right are intense "course changers", so to speak.  A HUGE Spotlight will be thrown onto Scorpio, AND on all of our dysfunctional behaviors, choices and  patterns (usually unconscious) that have messed up our lives, AND that no longer serve a purpose for us.  By now, you should know what they are.  The **it has already hit the fan for everyone with Saturn and the Node transiting Scorpio for a while now... we all have had our tango with some wound, hurt, power struggle, blind spot, behavior, pattern, and deep-dark emotion/issue.  So, we are already aware on some level of the issue(s).  This Eclipse simply rubs our face in it and makes it CRITICAL.  It takes us deeper into the heart of it and with Saturn conjuncting the Moon, a very serious and responsible tone characterizes this Eclipse. This is the time to take ultimate responsibility (Saturn) for our "STUFF". This is "Dragon Slaying" time. Its time to cut loose the things that drag you down.  Scorpio is the realm of psychic vampires that suck all of your precious energy and resources.  These are varied and can include toxic friendships, toxic relatives, toxic partnerships, toxic ideas, toxic beliefs, toxic emotions, toxic behaviors, toxic thoughts, toxic patterns, and the list goes on.  Hopefully you've got the idea here. Get out the scalpel and start "cutting".  To give you an example of this....My father was having car trouble recently.... it was having trouble starting up periodically.  He found out it was a bad battery, but something was draining the battery.  When the battery is drained, the car cant function properly.  What is draining your "batteries".... emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually?  Your task for the next 6 months (the length of time an eclipse lasts) is to figure this out.  Master this task and Saturn will reward you... if not now, later.

This may sound like all doom and gloom, however,  embedded in this Lunar Eclipse Chart there is an amazing opportunity for DEEP SPIRITUAL REBIRTH,  facilitated by a very supportive Trine to the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio from Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Chiron represents the "Wounded Healer" and in Pisces, represents  the Spiritual Healing of Emotional Wounds. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and exerts a very strong, supportive and healing influence at this eclipse. The Trine is in the Water element, and this lends healing energy to the recognition and release of deep emotional  issues, fears, insecurities, and old patterns that hold you down.  Regardless of whether you do this yourself or on a therapists couch, some action has to be taken.... and a transformation will occur. This is a pretty complex Eclipse, with several layers and aspects embedded into it that I would like to touch on...

Opposition to the Moon
At a lunar Eclipse the Sun is always opposite the Moon, and for this one the Sun is in Taurus.  To add to the complexity, Venus and Mars will also accompany the Sun in its opposition to the Moon/Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio.  As a result,  we will feel pulled in 2 different directions and neither likes to budge....they are the Fixed signs of the Zodiac.  Taurus loves to build up walls of security with material things....that's how it feels safe and comfortable, but Scorpio demands that we let go of what no longer work in our lives, especially the phony things that have given us a false sense of security... the things that dis-empower us, but that we've held onto for far too long.  See the conundrum this creates?  Close your eyes and envision holding the opposites in each hand...feel the tension?  This is the energy of this eclipse.  Lots of planets "rooted" in Taurus energy opposing those very strong planets (Moon/Saturn) swimming in Scorpio energy...which is very magnetic.  Both extremely strong and powerful signs in their own right.   With Scorpio you destroy and with Taurus you build, and with Saturn on guard in Scorpio, it will ensure that what you build is something of lasting quality.  First we clean up the mess in our psyches that have produced toxic behaviors and patterns that have taken us to less than desirable places (Moon/Saturn/Scorpio).  That produces a clean slate for which to build (Taurus) something of lasting quality that enriches our lives.  Taurus will have us holding on for dear life to any existing structures to maintain that sense of security, but Saturn conjunct the Eclipse in Scorpio wont allow it under any circumstance.  We're getting it right this time, and there is no more room for dysfunctional structures anymore, PERIOD!  Saturn/Scorpio combo is no joke, so take it easy on yourself and others. This is an intense period of psychological re-structuring, with ALOT of intense emotional debris flying around out there.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis encompasses themes of power, money and resources (yours and others, and shared), intimacy/bonding, sex, survival, self-worth/self-sufficiency, values, death/birth, psychological wounding, abandonment, intensity and drama.  In astrology, Scorpio is likened to the mythical Phoenix, the creature that rises from the Ashes of its destruction.  Sit with these themes at this time, and see how they are present in your life.  There will be a few other Eclipses that fall in either Scorpio or Taurus this year, so try and get comfortable with these concepts in your life... perhaps even read books or articles on Depth/Transpersonal Psychology, alchemy, and transformation/rebirth. 

Trine to Taurus Planets
At this Full Moon we have yet another supportive trine aspect....this one to the triple conjunction in Taurus of the Sun, Venus and Mars, by Pluto in Capricorn. This produces some very strong and grounded Earth energy.   This is where the building of new structures and patterns takes place.  Capricorn is no slouch, and neither is Pluto (Scorpio/Cap themes strong at this Moon), and the SERIOUSNESS of both of these planets will permeate our lives for the next 6 months.  The decisions we make and all the deep psychological work we will be doing will be full of intensity...no light heartedness here.  As mentioned before, we are being asked to get it right this time and build structures in our lives that reflect this new re-birth of our souls, rather than things based on egoic fears and insecurities.  With the Sun conjunct Venus and Mars in Taurus, trine Pluto in Cap we will be Examining and Transforming our Values (Venus, what is important to us) and the things we put our Creative Energy (Mars/Sun) into.  Are the things we invest our precious energy, heart, passion and time into really what we want?  Are they good for our soul?  Are they worth our time and energy?  Do they have value?  Spring cleaning time...

 Uranus Square Pluto
Of course the Uranus Pluto square keeps on churning alongside this Eclipse. This square brings out a very strong impulse  to "Individuate" and to break away from the status quo, so as to bring forth the "Authenticity" of each soul on this planet, and to birth new structures, both individually and collectively.  Ideally, these new structures will respect human life and support and uplift our human potential.  This aspect depicts the individual and collective soul differentiating and breaking away from dysfunctional conservative structures that rob it of integrity, freedom, liberty and basic Happiness, the foundational principles of not just the United States, but also the basic rights of every human being on this earth. So, it looks as if the  energy of this square and what it represents fits nicely with the impulse that will be awakened at the Eclipse... "out with the old, in with the new".  All of these changes we are undergoing are taking us further up the ladder of consciousness evolution, necessary for the growth and development of the human species. The birth pains we are experiencing are just a part of the process.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus
Jupiter in the sign of Gemini will also sextile Uranus in Aries.  This aspect will provide us with new and fresh ideas and ideals,  and soul inspiration encouraging individuality and the impulse towards new beginnings.  Jupiter
is hope, positivity, and luck, with plenty of opportunities for new adventures and new horizons.   This gives all of the gut wrenching soul work that we are wrapped up in  a boost.... its like a much needed light in the Dark and dense Scorpio/Capricorn realm that we are all living in right now. 

Summary of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
This Eclipse signifies a point on the continuum of the Awakening and Evolution of Human Consciousness.  Although we are always evolving, this particular time in human consciousness seems particularly pivotal and intense.  This is likely due to the tense Uranus/Pluto square, paired with Saturn and the North Node transit in Scorpio. "Dark night of the soul" stuff here.   We are in the chrysalis phase, the undifferentiated substance incubating within the cocoon before the beautiful butterfly form is awakened.  WE are breaking down, so that we can transform into something new, different, and better.  We, as a human family are all in this together....remember that.  Don't forget the supportive aspects to this eclipse.  They are like the cocoon supporting and protecting us as we do our deep inner soul work, preparing us for our New Life.

I truly wish each and every soul peace, healing and love on this difficult and beautiful journey.  Having said that, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became the butterfly"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saturn in Scorpio: Welcome to the Darkside

Saturn has officially entered Scorpio during the last part of 2012 (for a 2.5 year stay), the sign ruling death, birth, transformation, intimacy, inheritances, debt, sex, emotional scars and wounds dealing with abandonment and rejection, power and money, and all the ugly and /or taboo things in life that we would rather not face that lie deep within the unconscious. Scorpio seeths with intensity and takes us into territory where we feel our most exposed and vulnerable. Here are some examples of Scorpio themes: The husband who is your everything has an affair, your mother is dying of cancer, you loose all of your financial security and have to file for bankruptcy, being physically abused by your mate, your wife of 20 years decides to leave, youre $70,000 in debt, loose everything, and have to move back in with your parents, and the list goes on. Now, think of all of the raw emotional turmoil that accompanies these situations, the pain, the suffering, the dismantling of the ego structures that you have built up for security, the destruction of your world and life as you have known it to be. The Scorpio stinger stabs and jabs at your most insecure and fearful places, so that you gain a deeper insight of the darker side of life and of your nature. This saying comes to mind: "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger". That is Scorpio's motto! Ask any Scorpio you know, and im sure they will concur.

So, with Scorpio being transited by the Universal Task Master(Saturn), many of us will be called to battle, just as Frodo was pulled from his comfortable and pleasant life in the Shire to embark on a journey of his own personal transformation. Now, this isnt all for nothing...quite the opposite! This is all about empowerment and transcendence (Scorpio's trademarks). Think of the mythic Phoenix rising from the ashes of its destruction...think ressurection. The darkest tests and trials of life can remake us into stronger, healthier, and wiser people. When we remain immature and naive and stay in our comfort zones, we dont grow....we stagnate. When we are faced with and fight our darkest demons, we gain guts, and sometimes we earn our Angel Wings. In fact, I believe Scorpio to be the most powerful Spiritual sign of the Zodiac. These people spend so much time hurting, that they are implored to search for redemption of the pain. Many times they take up a dedicated spiritual practice(at the least, they seek to learn about their inner psychological make-up and deepest wounds) in order to recover the purity of their Spirit and their Power as Spiritual beings.

Jesus was once quoted as saying; "Be in the World, not of it". Jesus was associated with the Age of Pisces, in fact he was the center-piece of the Age of Pisces. I mention him and his wise words because there is a significant astrological transit of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces that blends nicely (creates a trine) with this Morbid Saturn in Scorpio transit. To me, this is a blessing, as it facilitates and encourages spiritual healing (Chiron/Neptune) while walking into the Dark night of the Soul, and doing our Saturn in Scorpio house cleaning. In astrology, Chiron represents the wounded healer, and he explored many different alternative healing modalities to heal his woundedness. Neptune represents the Spirit and Spirituality and the idea of transcendence of worldly ills, thru a merging with GOD (Thus, be in the world and not of it). The harmonious blending of Chiron/Neptune and Saturn creates the perfect opportunity to heal our wounds and reclaim our Spiritual integrity, something that I think has been long forgotten and neglected by our human tribe.  Watch the movie, The Matrix.  This also has the theme of transcending the limitations of the physical world that are imposed on us by ourselves.  We have allowed the societal programming of destruction, hate , greed, fear, consumption, war, illness, etc. to become our reality, by abandoning the fact that we have the seed of GOD's genetics within us.  We act out our lives based on these destructive thoughts and viewpoints, and wonder why we suffer personally and globally.  Saturn in Scorpio wants us to ponder this madness.

I want to mention something about soul retrieval. It is a process of healing related to Shamanism. This is a process whereby lost parts of the self (which can happen thru childhood wounds) are brought back into the person and integrated into the soul, usually facilitated by a Shamanic practitioner. Saturn in Scorpio Trine Chiron and Neptune in Pisces reminds me of this process of Soul retrieval and makes me think that many of us should familiarize ourselves with this process and perhaps actually do it during this transit. Regardless of how its done, healing wounds now is vital and these 2 planets create the perfect synergy for that to happen. Reclaim the strength of your Spirit! May I suggest taking up a meditation practice whereby we carve our niches of time thru the day to simply quiet our minds and cultivate peace and quiet amongst the emotional mayhem and mental anxiety that may result from all of the Scorpionic purging of these old wounds, and old outworn ways of being. Jon Kabbat Zinn, Eckhart Tolle, and Thich Nhat Hanh have many books and audios out to help facilitate this process. They are amazing teachers and have many wonderful resources for healing. It will be well worth it to cultivate a practice to be at peace with the chaos.

Think about the themes of Intimacy, Bonding, Merging with others, Money,  Power and Control (your own and others), Debt, Abandonment, Rejection, Death, Sex, Birth and Death, Dependency, Empowerment.  Are these area in your life in good standing?  Is there an imbalance?  Are they in decay?  Do you need to transform these areas and attitudes towards these issues and build up healthier structures?  Situations will be brought forth for many of us, that will force a review of these issues.  That's why I wanted to do a post on this subject, to prepare others for the road ahead. 

Saturn transiting the first house wants you to purge and transform your self, through the 2nd, your self worth and finances, through the 3rd, your mind and any faulty mental structures you have built, 4th, your home,family,  and your deepest ingrained emotional habit patterns, 5th, your creativity and purpose in life, 6th, your work, health and well being, 7th, your partnerships and relating skills, 8th, your power, debt, finances, intimacy and deep emotional scars, 9th, your life philosophy and broad based ideas about life, 10th, your career and your being in the outer world, 11th, your group associations, friends and  hopes, wishes and dreams, 12th, your inner life, your self undoing behaviors, and ways that you deceive yourself (here lies our deep unconscious patterns of behavior and thinking, that when not realized have the potential for self destruction).

On another positive note, we should get a real Cosmic blessing in August of 2013, when Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and positivity moves into Cancer and makes a Grand Trine Formation with Chiron/Neptune in Pisces and with Saturn in Scorpio. The possibility for a real deep and true emotional healing is very powerful and profound at this time. This Grand Trine Takes place in the Water signs, which represent the feeling and emotional realm of life. Be prepared for this time by opening your heart and your life to letting go of old wounds and forgiving the past. Commit to heal your heart...and maybe even to a real spiritual practice. This blessing will continue its influence until 2014.

Like the Master teacher who left his mark on our world, its time to take up your cross and ascend into the being you were meant to be.

In Peace and Healing...